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the mixture of good and bad experiences that happen in any situation or relationship
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ups and downs
We have our ups and downs like all couples.
to have had more of something, especially something unpleasant, than seems reasonable
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to have had more than your fair share of something
Poor old Alan! He's had more than his fair share of bad luck recently.
it's a surface with a lot of raised parts so it is difficult to walk or drive on it
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= uneven, a bumpy road
to make something using a special skill, especially with your hands
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to craft
a body crafted to perfection; Each doll is crafted individually by specialists.
to refuse to obey a law or rule, or refuse to do what someone in authority tells you to do
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to defy
to defy the laws of physics
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to do the splits
to learn a skill or a language so well that you have no difficulty with it
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to master
the skills needed to master a new language

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