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-stick (thin piece of wood / become attached)
Right, go and collect lots of sticks so we can build a fire.
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-stick (thin piece of wood / become atta Anglais
gałązka (cienki kawałek drewna / być przywiązanym)
... możemy rozpalić ognisko.
stick up for (support)
I stuck up for you when everyone accused you spreading rumours - so now you need to support me!
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wstawiać się za (wspierać)
stick by (continue to support)
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trzymać się (nadal wspierać)
stick with (stay close to)
Well if you'd stuck with me instead of going off on your own, you wouldn't have got lost!
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trzymać się (pozostać blisko)
stuck (unable to move)
Sorry, I'm going to be late - I am stuck in traffic.
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utknąć (nie można przenieść)
can't stick (hate)
I really can't stick living here - everyone knows everyone's business; there's just no privacy.
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nie móc wytrzymać (nie nawidzieć)
stick together (support each other)
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trzymać się razem (wspierać się nawzajem)
sticks (goes into)
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przechodzić (wchodzić do)

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