uses of 'pay'

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dzień wypłaty
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pay day
the day you receive your wages from your job
Wow, it looks like everyone is eating out tonight... it must be pay day
opłacać się
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pay off
be successful after taking a risk
All those years of hard work have finally paid off - I passed all my exams and have been offered my dream job!
zwracać uwagę
... co powinienem zrobić
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pay attention
watch or listen carefully
I have no idea what I'm supposed to do for my assignment - I wasn't really paying attention to what the tutor was saying.
słono za to zapłacimy
ponieść straszne konsekwencje
... nadal nie używamy odnawialnej energii...
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pay a heavy price
suffers terrible consequences
I can't believe we're still not using renewable energy - we're going to pay a heavy price one of these days.
nie płacąc ani grosza
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without paying a penny
She is so lucky - thanks to her job, she managed to travel around the whole world without paying a penny!
spłacać (należności)
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pay up (pay money that is owed)
płacą sowicie
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pay handsomely
give a lot of money in exchange for goods or services
płacić gotówką
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płacić gotówką Anglais
pay in cash
pay using coins and notes rather than by cheque or credit card
niegodziwa praca
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be in the pay of
work for someone (often secretly and/or dishonestly)

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