uses of 'make'

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question réponse
podjąć decyzję
finally decides
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makes up your mind
Will you just make up your mind! Where do you want to go on holiday this year? If you spend much longer deciding, everything will be fully-booked!
aż się we mnie krew gotuje
causes him to be very angry
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makes my blood boil
It makes my blood boil when I see how much plastic is dumped in the ocean - I get so angry.
zacząć coś robić
begins to do something
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makes a start
I'd better make a start on dinner; people will be arriving soon and the meat will take a couple of hours to cook!
potrzebować/znaleźć więcej czasu
finds spare time to do something
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makes time
Even if you're really busy, it's important to make time for exercise.
co sądzisz o
understand the meaning of
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make of
What do you make of her apology? I really don't know if she's being sincere or just telling me what I want to hear!
sprawia, że / ruszyć w kierunku
moves towards
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makes for
na domiar złego
to cause a bad situation to get even worse
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to make matters worse
nabrać wody w usta
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makes your mouth water
tworzy / powodować, ze coś się wydarzy
creates, causes something to happen
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dobrze znany z
has become well-known for something
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has made a name for himself

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