uses of 'break'

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złamać (czyjąś) obietnicę
not do something she had agreed to do
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break (someone) promise
I can't believe you've broken your promise again. You said you would stay at home tonight and look after the kids and now you're going to a party!
end a relationship
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break up/off
I felt really bad when I broke up with Mario; he just broke down and started crying.
załamywać się
gets upset; starts to cry
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break down
przekazać złą wiadomość
tells someone about something bad
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break the news
I'm dreading going into work today - I have to break the news to Natalia that we don't have any more work for her.
enters a place by force
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break into
I can't believe it. Someone broke into my house last night and stole all my paintings!
złamać serce
makes her feel extremely sad
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break heart
I can't watch the news anymore. It really breaks my heart when I see all the terrible things that are happening in the world!
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breaking (separating into smaller pieces)

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