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question réponse
z tego co wiem/słyszłam
basing your ideas on information you have heard or read
commencer à apprendre
by the sound of it
By the sound of it, we're all getting a pay rise at the end of this month!
(nikt) nie widział ani słyszał o
nobody has seen or heard from [someone]
commencer à apprendre
not a sight or sound of [someone]
Does anyone know where Ebru is? There's not been sight or sound of her all week.
brzmi dziwnie
seems unusual
commencer à apprendre
sounds strange
I know it sounds strange, but I've never been on social media.
nie podoba mi się [coś]
is unhappy about a situation he has heard about
commencer à apprendre
doesn't like the sound of [something]
What do you mean we're going to be working weekends from now on?! I don't like the sound of that.
wybadać, posłuchać pomysłów
talk to someone to find out their thoughts and ideas
commencer à apprendre
sound out
I'm having a bit of a problem at work - is OK if I come round later and sound you out about it?
wydaje się
commencer à apprendre
brzmieć, słyszeć
something that can be heard
commencer à apprendre
brzmi tak, jakby to była prawda
appears to be true, based on what you have heard
commencer à apprendre
sounds like/as though

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