Ready for CAE: CB - Word formation list - Nouns: -age

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[C, U] breakage
The delivery company must pay for any breakages.
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szkoda, stłuczka; when something has been broken
Firma kurierska musi zapłacić za szkody.
[U] coverage
There is live coverage of the game on cable TV.
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relacja, sposób przedstawienia => the way a newspaper, television programme, etc reports an event or subject || ubezpieczenie =>financial protection so that you get money if something bad happens
W telewizji kablowej jest żywa relacja meczu.
[C] package
This ski package includes hotel, transport, and four days of skiing.
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paczka, pakiet, opakowanie => an object that is covered in paper, inside a box, etc, especially so that it can be sent somewhere || pakiet => a group of objects, plans, or arrangements that are sold or considered together
Pakiet narciarski zawiera hotel, transport I 4 dni jazd na nartach.
[U] postage
first-class postage
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opłata pocztowa => money that you pay to send a letter or parcel
[U] storage
We had to put our furniture into storage.
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przechowanie => when you put things in a safe place until they are needed
Musieliśmy dać nasze meble na przechowanie.
[U] wreckage
Two survivors were pulled from the wreckage.
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szczątki, wrak => the parts that remain of a car, ship, or aircraft that has been destroyed
Dwoje ocalałych było wyciągniętych z wraku.
[C] shortage
a shortage of nurses
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brak, niedobór => when there is not enough of something
niedobór pielęgniarek

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