ESL Podcast 6 - The Commute to Work

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Tylne siedzenie
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back seat
On the long drive across the country, they took turns driving. While one person drove, the other slept in the back seat.
uchwyt na kubek
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cup holder
He tried to put his can of soda in the cup holder while he was driving and ended up spilling it all over the floor.
zapłon, stacyjka
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hey accidentally locked their car while the keys were still in the ignition!
pedał gazu
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gas pedal
She pushed the gas pedal to the floor because she was in a big hurry.
lusterko wsteczne
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rearview mirror
I stopped my car when I saw the police car in my rearview mirror.
lusterko boczne
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side mirror
Grandma drove too close to the building and hit her side mirror against the wall.
Raport ruchu w czasie jazdy
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drive-time traffic report
According to the drive-time traffic report, there were three accidents on the freeway, so we drove home using Main Street instead.
skrzynia biegów
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Driving in reverse is always more difficult than driving forward.
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When she gets home from work everyday, she walks down the driveway to pick up the mail from her mailbox.
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He put the car into drive and started to leave, but then he stopped because he remembered that he had left some important papers at home.
manualna skrzynia biegów
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stick shift
Driving a stick shift requires a lot of concentration for me because I’m always worried that I’ll shift into reverse by accident.
automatyczna skrzynia biegów
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automatic transmission
Many people prefer driving automatic transmissions because it leaves them with one hand available to change radio stations or to hold a cell phone.
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parking garage
przeciągnąć kartę np kredytową w celu odczytu
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to swipe
I tried to swipe my credit card several times before realizing that it was broken.
elektroniczna karta otwierająca drzwi
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key card
When he lost his key card, he had to talk to security for two hours before they would let him into the building.

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