Destination B2 Unit 1&2

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a long journey, especially on a ship: It was a long way from London to New York by sea, but the voyage was quite relaxing.
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an occasion when you travel from one place to another, especially over a long distance: We had a long journey ahead of us.
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journey (n)
an occasion when you go somewhere and come back again: The whole family went on a trip to Florida.
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trip (n)
the activity of travelling: foreign travel never really appealed to him until he retired.
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travel (n)
a short journey that you make for pleasure: My grandmotheroften talks about going on excursions to the sea when she was a girl.
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excursion (n)
the things that you can see from a particular place: We had a spectacular view of the mountains from our room.
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view (n)
a person or a thing that you see that has a particular feature: Windmills area common sight in this part ofthe country.
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sight (n)
the planet that we live on: lt's easy these days to communicate with people who live on the other side of the world.
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world (n)
the land on which we live: They felt the earth shake.
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earth (n)
a part of a place or building: Bus services in ruraI areas are not very good.
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area (n)
an area of land that is controlled by a particular country, leader or army: Russian troops crossed into Austrian territory in February 1849.
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territory (n)
pora roku
one of the four periods into which the year is divided according to the weather: She likes to paint the changing seasons in the garden.
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an amount of time: The long dry period ended with heavy rain.
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period (n)
opłata za przejazd
the money that you pay for a journey: The fare from York to Leeds has gone up.
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fare (n)
a piece of paper that shows that you have paid to do something such as travel on a train, bus, piane, etc: We'll send your tickets a week before your flight.
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ticket (n)
an amount of money that you pay to be allowed to do something such as join an organisation: The gallery charges a small entrance fee.
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fee (n)
to be too late for something such as a train or bus: I missed the last train home again.
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miss (v)
to no longer have something: Mikelost his job last year.
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lose (v)
to move or carry someone or something from one place to another: What time do you take Amy to school?
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take (v)
to take someone or something with you from one place to another: Bring a coat in case it turns cold.
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bring (v)
to move or travel to a place that is away from where you are now: We'replanning to go to Spain this winter.
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go (v)
to arrange to have or use something at a particular time in the futurę: Shalll book a room for you?
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book (v)
to continue to have or own something: We should keep this car and sell the other one.
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keep (v)
to reach a place: What time does your plane arrive?
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arrive (v)
to arrive somewhere: We hoped to reach the camp before dark.
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reach (v)
to have your home in a particular place: Paris is a nice place to live.
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live (v)
to live or remain in a place for a while as a guest or visitor: How long is he planning to stay with you?
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stay (v)
the official line that separates two countries or regions: Thousands of refugees were fleeing across the border.
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border (n)
the part of something that is furthest from its centre: Victoria was sitting on the edge of the bed.
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edge (n)
a long thin mark on the surface of something: Draw a straight line.
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line (n)
a measurement of how long something is in size: The boat was 16 feet in length.
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length (n)
the amount of space between two people or things: They started to walk the short distance to the camp.
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distance (n)
to show someone where to go by going with them: He guided them through the forest.
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guide (v)
to take someone to a place by going there with them, usually in front of them: The estate agent led us into the kitchen.
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lead (v)
living in a particular country or area since birth: My wife's a native New Yorker, but I'm from Atlanta.
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native (adj)
the city or town where you lived as a child: I live in Washington, but my home town is Denver, Colorado.
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home (town) (n)

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