communication and the media

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blurt out
He blurted out the hiding place of the spy.
commencer à apprendre
say something suddenly and without thinking about the effect it will have, usually because you are nervous or excited
catch on
That new song is beginning to catch on.
commencer à apprendre
understand; become popular or fashionable
come out
The truth came out only after the fact.
commencer à apprendre
become available to buy or see; become easy to notice; become knwen; be spoken, heard, or understood in particular way
come out with
He came out with a strong dissenting opinion. It was over an hour before the president came out with an explanation.
commencer à apprendre
say something suddenly' usually something that surprises or shocks people
dry up
commencer à apprendre
stop talking because you have forgotten what you were going to say
get across
commencer à apprendre
make people understand something
get around
if news gets around
commencer à apprendre
a lot of people hear it
get through to
commencer à apprendre
be connected to a place by telephone; make someone understand what you are trying to say
let on
He had not even let on that he'd seen a thing.
commencer à apprendre
talk about something that is intended to be a secret
pass on
Have a piece of toffee and pass the box on. Please pass on this book to the next person on the list.
commencer à apprendre
give someone something, or example a message, that someone else has givenyou
put across/over
I don't know how to put this point across to my class.
commencer à apprendre
explain an idea belief, etc in a way that is easy to understand
set down
Let me put this down on paper so we will have a record of what was said. I will set down this note on paper.
commencer à apprendre
write something on a piece of paper so that it will not be forgotten and can be looked at later; state officially how something should be done
shout down
The lecturer had to shout down the entire audience to be heard.
commencer à apprendre
make it difficult to hear what someone says by shouting while they are speaking
speak out
But you've got to speak out and tell them how people feel.
commencer à apprendre
state your opinion firmly and publicly about something, especially in order to protest against or defend something
talk over
commencer à apprendre
discuss a problem or a plan
talk round to
commencer à apprendre
succeed in persuading someone to agree something; discuss something in a general way and without dealing with the most important issues
big mouth
God, why did she have to go and open her big mouth?
commencer à apprendre
used as a criticism of someone when they say things they should not
come clean about
But he comes clean at the end of the story.
commencer à apprendre
tell the truth about something that you have kept secret
get/catch sb's drift
Do you get the drift?
commencer à apprendre
understand the basic meaning
get sth off your chest
commencer à apprendre
talk to someone about something that has been worrying you, so that you feel better about it
get the wrong end of the stick
How can so many get the wrong end of the stick?
commencer à apprendre
understand something completely wrongly
give sb your word
commencer à apprendre
promise to do something
(hear sth) on/through the grapevine
commencer à apprendre
the way in which information spreads quickly from one person to another through conversation
keep sb posted
commencer à apprendre
regularly give someone information about something they are interested in, for example how situation is changing or developing
keep sth under one's hat
commencer à apprendre
keep a secret
lay/put one's card on the table
commencer à apprendre
tell people exactly what you are thinking or what you are intending to do
speak volumes
commencer à apprendre
provide a lot of information, especially in an indirect way
tell tales
commencer à apprendre
say something in authority about bad things that someone else has done, because you want them to be punished

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