1st Feb 2017

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wpadać do kogoś / gdzieś
Sorry we're late—we dropped into the pub on the way.
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drop by | drop in | drop round | drop in on somebody | drop into something
I thought I'd drop in on you while I was passing.
policja otrzymała cynk
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The police rteceived a tip-off ABOUT sth...
when parents do not look after their child well and someone else must do it
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to take sb into custody
The police took her son into custody for his own safety.
tłustym drukiem
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in bold type
położyć na ziemię / na stół
If you put on a light or a device such as the television, you make it operate, often by pressing a button or switch:
Like these two expressions, many phrasal verbs use ‘put’ with its main meaning of ‘to move something into a particular place or position’, for example ‘put back’ and ‘put away’:
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to put sth down
Do you mind if I put the television on?
I put my bags down while we spoke.
till next month
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We’ve had to put the meeting off till next month.
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If you put out a fire, you stop the fire:
zwiększyć/ podwyższać np. ceny
They've put up the rent BY £20 a month.
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to put up the price of sth
They’ve put up the price of fuel again.
She asked me if I could put her up while she was staying in London.
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If you put someone up, you let them stay in your home for a short time:
some phrasal verbs have two particles
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put up with
on jest chamski w stosunku do niej.
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he's really rude TO her.
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a small guitar or banjo with four strings:
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to unload
kara śmierci
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The two men are facing the death penalty.
to be extremely busy; to have too many things to do
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be rushed/run off your feet
zawiązać / zapinać
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do up your shoelaces / do up your coat
nagana, upomnienie, reprymenda (za coś)
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to rebuke /rɪˈbjuːk/ => She rebuked herself for her stupidity.
[often passive] rebuke somebody (for something/for doing something) (formal) to speak severely to somebody because they have done something wrong
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it's going out of business

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