07.02 part1

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The walls had been daubed with graffiti.
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opierać, stawiać opór
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They are determined to resist pressure to change the law. / The bank strongly resisted cutting interest rates. / I can never resist the urge to laugh.
pragnienie, popęd
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sexual urge, resist the urge
zachęcać, dopingować
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to urge sb on
The crowd was cheering and urging her on all through the race.
zalecać, przekonywać, ponaglać kogoś
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to urge sb to
His wife has been urging him to get out of the business, too. / Police are urging anyone who saw the accident to contact them immediately.
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There was a deathly hush after she made the announcemen / Hush now and try to sleep. / A hush fell over the room.
zatuszować, zatajać
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hush sth up
There was some financial scandal involving one of the ministers but it was all hushed up.
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wykluczyć kogoś, nie chcieć rozmawiać z kimś
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freeze sb out of sth
The others tried to freeze me out of the conversation.

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