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must-have product
For some people this perfume is a must-have product.
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something that many people want to own
to shop until you drop
We were determined to shop until we dropped.
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to do a large amount of shopping
to be value for money
This coat is great value for money.
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to be worth the cost
window shopping
I am poor so window shopping is what I can afford for now.
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to look at goods displayed in shop windows, without intending to buy anything
loyalty card
The employee pressured me into getting a loyalty card.
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a plastic card given to a customer by a shop: everytime he buys something, point are stored in the card, giving him discounts later on
to snap up a bargain
You have to hurry on Black Friday in order to snap up a bargain.
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to buy something fast because it is cheap
a pay in cash
One should always pay in cash.
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to pay for something using coins and paper money and not a credit card
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