Advertising Vocabulary

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sales page
Getting your product on a sales page is a good business strategy.
commencer à apprendre
a page that was created in order to secure sales for your product
target audience
The target audience is not buying the product.
commencer à apprendre
a particular group at which a product is aimed
word of mouth
Word of mouth can either make or break your success.
commencer à apprendre
recommendations about a product made by individuals to other individuals (orally)
commercial channel
Many commercial channels are targeted towards older people.
commencer à apprendre
TV channels that make money from showing advertisements
product placement
Product placement is less obvious nowadays.
commencer à apprendre
branded goods and services are featured in a video production that targets a large audience
to show adverts
By showing adverts of your product you're helping your business to get more visibility.
commencer à apprendre
to display adverts on TV
to go viral
After the funny commercial went viral the actress became a star.
commencer à apprendre
to spread quickly and widely among internet users
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