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prescription charges
Prescription charges can be reimbursed under some conditions.
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money to be paid by a patient for medicines
to make an appointment
Have you already made an appointment with the dentist?
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to schedule a meeting with someone (in this case a doctor)
to pull a muscle
I pulled a muscle while I was working out.
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to strain a muscle
to be on the mend
After being sick for over three weeks she's finally on the mend.
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to be getting better after an illness or injury
to be over the worst
He's was really sick, but now he's over the worst.
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the worst part (sickness) of what is afflicting you, is in the past
to go down with a cold
You're burning with fever! I think you're going down with a cold.
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to get sick
to catch a cold
She catched a cold by going to the sea yesterday night.
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to get a cold
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