Clothes & Fashion Vocabulary

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to go out of fashion
Cat ears went out of fashion many years ago.
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to no longer be trendy or fashionable
to look good in
Not only does it fit well but I look good in this dress.
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to be visually appealing or attractive in the clothes one is wearing
to take pride in one’s appearance
I like to keep myself groomed, I take pride in my appearance.
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to pay attention to how one looks, to dress well
old fashioned
Unfortunately, the second hand store close to my house only sells old fashioned clothes.
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styles or clothes that are no longer in fashion
to get dressed up
I wanted to get dressed up for my date.
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to wear clothes for a special occasion
off the peg
Off the peg clothing contributes to fast fashion.
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ready-made clothes
casual clothes
The main office has a day where you can come in casual clothes.
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clothes suited for everyday use
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