Advanced English words that start with "V" and "W"

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commencer à apprendre
of a bad quality
The dress I ordered was extremely wretched.
to write off
commencer à apprendre
to cancel something because it's not important
My son told me he was insecure, but I wrote it off as a joke.
to not be the end of the world
commencer à apprendre
to not be the worst thing
You failed one exam, it's not the end of the world.
commencer à apprendre
a positive moral quality
They posses a virtue that is very uncommon.
to violate
commencer à apprendre
to not respect something or to obey an agreement
He violated our agreement and went to the party anyways.
commencer à apprendre
financial help from the government to the unemployed or poor
After I lost my job, I had to go on welfare.
to make waves
commencer à apprendre
to cause problems by criticizing and telling remarks
Your decision made waves through our company.
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