Advanced English words that start with "I"

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commencer à apprendre
not serious
You have been idle about this topic and that's not ok.
commencer à apprendre
about a very important action
It is imperative that you pay attention to the safety instructions.
commencer à apprendre
about someone who does not care about the feelings of others
You need to be careful about what you say or you might be inconsiderate.
a conflict of interest
commencer à apprendre
when a person has several relationships and cannot make a fair decision based on their conflict
You can't hire your son because that will be a conflict of interest.
commencer à apprendre
a way to explain something
My interpretation of this painting is very different from yours.
commencer à apprendre
lack of knowledge and information
Your ignorance on the topic can't be forgiven.
commencer à apprendre
used before additional ideas said to support the main one
Thinking about people stereotypically is absurd; indeed, each person is a mix of culture, beliefs and personal experiences.
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