Advanced English words that start with "O"

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commencer à apprendre
about something shocking, lacking morality
Horror movies always have several obscene moments.
to be on the same wavelength
commencer à apprendre
about people who easily understand each other
We're on the same wavelength, which is why we work well together.
commencer à apprendre
an occurrence of something unpleasant that cannot be easily stopped
When I was in school, there was a huge measles outbreak.
to overlap
commencer à apprendre
to be the same or take place at the same time
I scheduled two meetings at the same time and they overlap.
out of hand
commencer à apprendre
difficult to be controlled
The argument got out of hand and now we're not friends anymore.
out of the ordinary
commencer à apprendre
not like everything else
There are clowns in the woods, which is very out of the ordinary.
commencer à apprendre
not including something
There are very obvious omissions from this report.
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