How to speak about secrets?

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keep yourself to yourself
The key is keeping yourself to yourself. Keep your mystery. Don't give them too much information so they can't define you.
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to live a very quiet private life and not do many things that involve other people
We hardly knew them – they kept themselves to themselves.
behind closed doors
If something takes place behind closed doors, it is done privately, with no observers or intruders.
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if something happens behind closed doors, it happens in private and the public are not allowed in
It seems that the deal was made behind closed doors. The matter was discussed behind closed doors.
let it slip
“We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”
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to say something without meaning to, when you had wanted it to be a secret
He let it slip that they were planning to get married.
spill the beans
"We're not having beans for dinner. Mom said you spilled them."
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to tell something that someone else wanted you to keep a secret
I spilt the beans when I told her that he wasn’t at the conference at all.
keep/stay schtum
They stay schtum all the time as if there is a hidden tariff which stipulates a certain price per word uttered.
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to keep or stay quiet or silent
The boss of the failed company is keeping schtum about his role in the disaster.
let the cat out of the bag
I wanted it to be surprised, but Parsa went and let the cat out of the bag. to reveal a secret unintentionally; to make a secret known without wanting to do so.
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to tell someone a secret, especially without intending to
The engagement ring on her finger rather let the cat out of the bag.
give the game away
to reveal a plan, strategy, surprise or joke that was supposed to be kept secret
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to spoil a surprise or secret by doing or saying something that lets someone guess what the secret is
Lynn gave the game away by laughing when Kim walked in.
classified information
'I can't tell you what's in the stew because it's classified information.'
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classified information, documents etc are ones which the government has ordered to be kept secret
This is classified information.
The best way to divulge a secret is to tell someone not to say anything about it.
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to give someone information that should be kept secret
It is not company policy to divulge personal details of employees.
between you and me
Let's keep this secret just between you and me
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used before telling someone something that you do not want them to tell anyone else
Between you and me, I think Schmidt’s about to resign.
not intended to be known, seen, or found out. Hey boss. I'm not sure our covert surveillance is real covert anymore.
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secret or hidden
A covert investigation was conducted to catch the drug-smugglers.
have something to hide
Questions are only offensive to those who have something to hide.
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to be secretly guilty of something
He told the jury that he is innocent, but they think he has something to hide.
look furtive
done in a quiet and secretive way to avoid being noticed: surreptitious | a furtive glance | exchanged furtive smiles
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behaving as if you want to keep something secret
There was something furtive about his actions.
In a state of secrecy or minimal public knowledge; being known only by a select few people. I need to tell you some important news, but you have to keep it on the hush-hush, OK?
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very secret
Everything was very hush-hush. Apparently it's on the hush-hush, but I just found out John and Tracey are getting married soon!
Secret, not to be shown to anyone. The file was marked private and confidential.
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spoken or written in secret and intended to be kept secret
Doctors are required to keep patients’ records completely confidential.
blurt out
Enthusiastic answers are great, but let’s give everyone time to think first.
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to say something suddenly and without thinking, usually because you are nervous or excited
Peter blurted the news out before we could stop him.
top secret
My job is top secret I don't even know what I'm doing
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top secret documents or information must be kept completely secret
They used a top secret code to prevent the enemy from knowing what they were saying.
myth or fact
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an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true
The first myth about motherhood is that new mothers instantly fall in love with their babies.
conventional wisdom
Conventional wisdom is often more conventional than wisdom.
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the opinion that most people consider to be normal and right, but that is sometimes shown to be wrong
As traffic grows, conventional wisdom says we should widen the roads.
We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are.
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the way you think about something and your idea of what it is like
Art is a great way to discover children’s perceptions of the world.
commonly held
Irrelevant authority. Appeal to commonly held opinion. A claim or argument that something is true because many people believe it to be true.
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accepted usually or by most people
“Mom, why can’t I get my tongue pierced? Everyone else is doing it.”
Fallacy: an argument that relies upon faulty reasoning.
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a false idea or belief, especially one that a lot of people believe is true
It is a fallacy to think that the more information an organisation has, the better its decisions will be.
How can I automatically verify someone's identity (i.e., they are who they say they are) online?
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to discover whether something is correct or true
A computer program verifies that the system is working.
uncover the facts
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to find out about (something that has been kept secret)
Customs officials uncovered the truth about a plot to smuggle weapons into the country.
Intellect vs Intuition
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if you do something intuitively you do it based on a feeling rather than on knowledge or facts
He knew what to do intuitively.
Debunking a myth creates a gap. Fill the gap with factual alternative.
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to show that an idea or belief is false
His claims were later debunked by fellow academics.
To prove that something is not true.
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to show that (something) is wrong or not true
These figures disproved Smith’s argument.
text message
SMS stands for Short Message Services and is also commonly referred to as a "text message".
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a written message that is sent or received on a mobile phone
Send me a text message once you’ve arrived.
video game
A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.
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a computer game in which you move images on a screen using electronic controls
There are always ads for video games on the TV these days.
fast food
Fast food is a mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly.
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food such as hamburgers which is prepared quickly and that you can take away with you
There are lots of fast food outlets in the high street.
social networking website
A Website that enables users to create public profiles within that web site. Used to form relationships with other users of the same website who access their profile.
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a website where people put information about themselves and can send messages to other people
Facebook is probably the best-known social networking website.
hang out
Less serious than getting together or dating. Spending time with someone in the context of friendship or in the context of casually exploring whether you like someone as just a friend or maybe more than a friend.
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to spend a lot of time in a particular place or with particular people
I don’t really know who she hangs out with
shopping mall
A shopping mall is a modern, chiefly North American, term for a form of shopping precinct or shopping center
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a group of shops together in one large covered building
She goes to the shopping mall with her friends at the weekend.
mobile phone
A mobile phone, known as a cell phone in North America, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area
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a telephone that you can carry with you and use in any place
The latest mobile phones are on sale here
mobile device
A mobile device is a handheld tablet or other device that is made for portability, and is therefore both compact and lightweight.
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an electronic machine, especially a phone or computer, that you can carry with you and use in any place
This app will work on all your mobile devices.
speed up
to move or happen faster You see drivers speeding up when they should be slowing down.
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to move or happen faster, or to make (something) move or happen faster
The truck speeded up going down the hill.
brighten up
Sending you some smiles to brighten your day!
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to make (something) more colourful or attractive
She bought some flowers to brighten up the room.
jazz up
If you jazz something up, you make it look more interesting, colourful, or exciting.
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to make something more attractive or exciting
Jazz up your everyday meals with our new range of seasonings.
go on
The show must go on
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to continue doing something or being in a situation
He went on working until he was 91.
carry on
Keep calm and carry on.
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to continue doing something
You’ll have an accident if you carry on driving like that.
keep on
This world is a dance floor ... Keep on dancing!
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to continue doing something, or to do something many times
You just have to keep on trying.
pension off
"I appreciate the goodbye party. However, I wasn't aware I was going anywhere."
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to make someone leave their job when they are old or ill and pay them a pension, or to get rid of something because it is old or not useful any more
Many of the old ships have been pensioned off.
cry off
go back on a promise or fail to keep to an arrangement. "we were going to Spain together and he cried off at the last moment"
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to say that you cannot do something that you have already promised to do
Leah and I were going to go to Morocco together, but at the last moment she cried off.
call off
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to decide that a planned event will not take place
The trip to Italy might be called off.
switch off
Remember to switch off!
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to turn off a machine, light, radio etc using a switch
The burglar alarm was switched off.
find out
to get information about something or someone. He was found out cheating in the exam.
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to get (information), after trying to discover it or by chance
Has anyone bothered to find out how much all this is going to cost?
speak out
Assert or promote one's opinion; to make one's thoughts known. E.g. You should learn to speak out in meetings with your boss.
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to publicly speak in protest about something, especially when protesting could be dangerous
Five students who had spoken out against the regime were arrested.
stand out
to be much better or more important than somebody/something. Four points stand out as being more important than the rest.
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to be very easy to see or notice or to be much better than other similar people or things
That day still stands out as the greatest day in my life.
call out
When Atheist calls out to God: O God, save me!
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to say something loudly
‘Hi there!’ I called out.
slow down
Most GROUTH happens slowly. OVER TIME. The Slow Down Challenge
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to become slower or to make (something) slower
The ice on the road slowed us down.
narrow down
"Narrow down" means "to reduce the number of possibilities, options or choices
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to reduce the number of things included in a range
The police have narrowed down their list of suspects.
crack down
to start dealing with bad or illegal behaviour in a more severe way: The library is cracking down on people who lose their books.
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to become more strict in dealing with a problem and punishing the people involved
The government is determined to crack down on terrorism. We all want to crack down on crime...
put away
To put in the designated place for storage
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to put (something) in the place where it is usually kept
He put his toys away every night.
blow away
if something blows away or is blown away, the wind moves it away from you until you cannot see or touch it. His hat blew away on the roller coaster. She switched on the fan to blow away the smoke.
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to move, or to make (something) move, away from a place by the force of the wind or a current of air
My ticket blew away.
take away
DO NOT REMOVE: You can't take it away!
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to remove (someone or something), or make (something) disappear
She whisked the tray off the table and took it away.
bring back
To make somebody remember something or think about it again. The photographs brought back many pleasant memories.
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to start to use something again that was used in the past
The city council has decided to bring back the old electric trams.
think back
-remember, recapture the past, indulge in memories. When I think back on my youth, I wish I had studied harder.
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to think about things that happened in the past
Thinking back, it amazes me how we survived on so little sleep.
look back
Think about the past. Old people often LOOK BACK on over their lives.
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to think about something that happened in the past
When I look back on those days I realise I was desperately unhappy
cast your mind back
Cast your mind back to this morning when you woke up – what were your first thoughts?
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to think about something again or to remember something
He frowned, casting his mind back over the conversation.
mess around
Do random things, not be serious. Make a place disorganized. Do something incorrectly.
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to spend time lazily, doing things slowly and in a way that is not planned
He spent his vacation messing around on the farm.
stand around
Doctors stand around the bed with the sick.
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to stand somewhere and not do anything
We stood around saying goodbye for a while.
hang around
You hang around, I'll go on ahead. To linger some place without doing anything productive. There are always kids hanging around the diner after school, as if they don't have any homework to do.
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to wait or spend time somewhere, doing nothing
I hung around the station for an hour but he never came.
mull over
To think about carefully. I'll mull over and get back to you.
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to consider something for a long time
We mulled over the candidates and finally chose one.
pore over
Poring over a book means reading it with great attention.
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to read or look at something very carefully for a long time
She was poring over a book.
look over
Man holding his son up to look over a fence.
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to examine (something or someone) quickly, without paying much attention to detail
Do you have a few minutes to look these samples over?
think over
to consider, deliberate • E.g. Let's think over his proposal before we see him again
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to consider (something) carefully before making a decision
Why don’t you think it over and give me a call in a couple of days?
talk over
Office talk over coffee. So she finally kisses me, and poof! Goodbye froggy. How was your weekend?
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to discuss a problem with someone before deciding what to do
Talk over any worries with your GP.
look up
Look up to the sky, and maybe you will find your happiness.
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if a situation is looking up, it is improving
Now the summer’s here, things are looking up!
soldier on
If you soldier on at something, you continue to do it although it is difficult or unpleasant. The government has soldiered on as if nothing were wrong
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to continue working in spite of difficulties
We’ll just have to soldier on without him.
kill off
The tributes are flooding in as Microsoft announces plans to kill off Paint
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to stop or remove something completely
These figures kill off any hope that the economy is poised for recovery.
calm down
to begin to feel more relaxed and less emotional, or to make someone do this. Calm down and tell us what’s going on.
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to become quiet and relaxed after you have been angry, excited, nervous, or upset, or to make someone become quiet and relaxed
Calm down and tell me what happened.
tidy up
When you tidy up or tidy a place up, you put things back in their proper places so that everything is neat.
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to make a place look neatly arranged with everything in the right place
It’s time we tidied up the office.
slip back
“Slip back” is used for falls that come after rises.
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to gradually start being in a particular condition again or doing things in the way they were done before
He had begun to slip back into debt.
lounge around
Today would have been a perfect day to lounge around with no pants on. But some people at work complain.
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to spend time relaxing and doing nothing, often when you should be doing something
James does nothing but lounge around the apartment.
investigative journalism
investigative journalism should be fearless
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work or activities that involve investigating something
He’s a well-known investigative journalist.
In simple terms, an injunction means that one of the parties to a certain action must either do something or refrain from doing something.
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an order given by a court, which tells someone not to do something
The family is seeking an injunction against the book’s publication.
Whistle Blowing” is the term used to refer to unauthorized reporting or disclosure of confidential information in institutional settings.
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telling people in authority or the public about dishonest or illegal practices
The company had paid out substantial sums to discourage whistle-blowing employees.
sensitive information
The transmission of confidential, private, sensitive, proprietary, or valuable information through email or IM may represent a significant security risk.
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sensitive information needs to be dealt with very carefully, because it is secret or because it may offend people
She has access to sensitive information about national security.
a story or piece of news discovered and published by one newspaper before all the others: The paper managed to secure a major scoop and broke the scandal to the world.
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an important or exciting news story that is printed in one newspaper or shown on one television station before any of the others know it
He managed to get the scoop of the year when he broke the news.
Official definition of an information source: Book, document, database, person that provides information
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a person, book, or document that supplies you with information
I’ve heard from reliable sources that the company is in trouble.
How would you survive for 10 years on a deserted island?
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empty and quiet because no people are there
The old mine now stands completely deserted.
Abandoned castles around the world
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an abandoned building, car, boat etc has been left by the people who owned or used it
The car was found abandoned in Bristol.
An aerial view of an uninhabited tropical island
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an uninhabited place does not have anyone living there
They found an uninhabited island in the Caribbean.
Rehabilitation Progress
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helping someone to live a healthy, useful, or active life again after they have been seriously ill, in prison, or on drugs
He was sent to a special rehabilitation unit for stroke patients.
term comes from quarantena, meaning forty-day period.
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a period of time when a person or animal is kept apart from others in case they are carrying a disease, or the state of being kept apart in this way
The monkeys were kept in quarantine for 31 days.

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