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an act that is criminal or bad:
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She's been making up for her past misdeeds by doing a lot of voluntary work.
to get information or advice from a person, book, etc. with special knowledge on a particular subject:
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I'm not quite sure how to get there - I'd better consult a map.
a successful way of curing an illness or dealing with a problem or difficulty:
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The best remedy for grief is hard work.
a thing that people want to have because they think other people will admire them if they have it:
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status symbol
Among young people, this brand of designer clothing is the ultimate status symbol.
most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best or worst:
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My manager will make the ultimate decision about who to employ. the ultimate luxury cruiser
belief and confidence in your own ability and value:
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She suffers from low self-esteem and it prevents her from pursuing her goals.
the most modern stage of development in a particular type of work or activity:
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the cutting edge
a company at the cutting edge of mobile communications technology
to be getting old
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get on
He's getting on (a bit) - he'll be 76 next birthday.
a... person works hard:
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She's extremely competent and industrious.
extremely lazy:
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bone idle
He never does any exercise - he's bone idle.
the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort:
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The exhibition has been researched with extraordinary diligence.

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