TOEFL - Most important words 376 - 400

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to push for a choice over another
commencer à apprendre
also: suggest
Nina recommended me this hair stylist.
to push away someone or something
commencer à apprendre
also: decline
I decided to reject his proposal.
to settle something on the right level
commencer à apprendre
The level of chemicals is regulated by a special organization.
to make something stronger
commencer à apprendre
The army was reinforced with 200 new soldiers.
to quit a job
commencer à apprendre
also: rescind
The general decided it's time to resign.
to forbid to do something
commencer à apprendre
The law restricts these activities.
to feel bitterness for something
commencer à apprendre
Although she was 5, she resented being treated like a child.
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