TOEFL - Most important words 276 - 300

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to carry out an inquiry to discover something
commencer à apprendre
also: examine
Start investigating the case now! We can not lose the trace of the criminal!
to fill a balloon or other expandable structures with air or gas
commencer à apprendre
also: blow up
Do you want daddy to inflate you a balloon?
to ask information about something
commencer à apprendre
This is the policeman that led the inquiry of your case.
to exist in someone or something as a permanent attribute
commencer à apprendre
Huskies have an inherent love for snow.
to cause something to begin
commencer à apprendre
Helen initiated all her daughters into the art of cooking.
something that can be harmful but effective
commencer à apprendre
The invasive methods of prenatal diagnosis are very successful.
an important topic or problem
commencer à apprendre
also: trouble / issue
The political issues in Iraq stopped me from visiting the country.
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