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płyta wiórowa
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karta chipowa/elektriniczna
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chip / electric card
a plastic card on which information is stored in the form of a microchip Chip cards will be the money of the future.
podiatra (specjalista od stóp)
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chiropodist podiatrist (foot specialist)
a person whose job is to look after people’s feet ▶ podiatra specjalist(k)a od chorób stóp □ chiropody (US podiatry /pəˈdaɪətri; US /) noun [uncountable] ▶ podiatria pielęgnacja stóp
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a chisel
a tool with a sharp end that is used for cutting or shaping wood or stone
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a long thin green plant that tastes like onion and is used in cooking
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to putchlorine in sth, especially water Is the swimming pool chlorinated?
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a greenish-yellow gas with a strong smell, that is used for making water safe to drink or to swim in
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a clear liquid used in the past in medicine, etc. to make people unconscious, for example before an operation
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the green substance in plants that absorbs light from the sun to help them grow
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▶ czekolada a small sweet that is made from or covered with chocolate a box of chocolates bombonierka ▶ czekoladka 3 [countable, uncountable] a drink made from chocolate powder with hot milk or water a mug of hot chocolate ▶ czekolada kakao
[uncountable] a sweet brown substance made from cocoa beans that you can eat as a sweet or use to give flavour to food and drinks a bar of milk/plain chocolate tabliczka mlecznej/gorzkiej czekolady
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made from or covered with chocolate a chocolate milkshake ▶ czekoladowy 2 dark brown ▶ czekoladowy
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2[uncountable] the right or chance to choose There is a rail strike so we have no choice but to cancel our trip. to have freedom of choice a person or thing that is chosen Barry would be my choice as team captain. What is your choice of colour?
a choice (between A and B) an act of choosing between two or more people or things David was forced to make a choice (dokonać wyboru) between moving house and losing his job. We got to the cinema first so we had first choice of seats. ▶ wybór
z własnego wyboru
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out of choice
because you want to; of your own free will I wouldn’t have gone to America out of choice. I was sent there on business.
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a choir
a group of people who sing together in churches, schools, etc. The school choir meets/meet on Thursdays to rehearse.
dławić się, krztusić się
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choke, choke
choke sth (up) (with sth) to fill a passage, space, etc., so that nothing can pass through The roads to the coast were choked with traffic. ▶ wypełniać
choke (on sth) to be or to make sb unable to breathe because sth is stopping air getting into the lungs She was choking on a bone The child swallowed a button and choked to death. The smoke choked us. He put the scarf around her neck and choke her.
dławić w sobie coś
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choke sth back
choke sth back to hide or control a strong emotion to choke back tears/anger ▶ dławić (np. łzy) dusić w sobie (np. emocje)
ssanie, dławić sie
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a device that controls the amount of air going into the engine of a car, etc. ▶ ssanie 2 an act or the sound of sb choking A tiny choke of laughter escaped her. ▶ dławienie (się)
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a serious disease that causes stomach pains and vomiting and can cause death. Cholera is most common in hot countries and is carried by water.
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a substance that is found in the blood, etc. of people and animals. Too much cholesterol is thought to be a cause of heart disease to have a high/low level of cholesterol
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to chomp, to munch
chomp (on/through sth) to eat or bite food noisily He chomped his way through two hot dogs. She was chomping away on a bagel. ▶ chrupać
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choose - chose - chosen
2choose (to do sth) to decide or prefer to do sth You are free to leave whenever you choose (kiedy tylko zechcesz). They chose to resign rather than work for the new manager. You’ll have to choose whether to stay in this country or not. ▶ decydować się
Choose carefully before you make a final decision. Amy had to choose between getting a job or going to college. You can choose three questions from the five on the exam paper. The viewers chose this programme as their favourite. ▶ wybierać
przebierać, wybredzać
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pick and choose
to choose only the things that you like or want very much
rąbać, siekać
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chop, chop
często zmieniać zdanie - chop and changed
verb [transitive] (chopping; chopped) chop sth (up) (into sth) to cut sth into pieces with a knife, etc. Chop the onions up into small pieces. finely chopped herbs They chopped the logs up. ▶ rąbać
często zmieniać poglądy / mówić raz tak, raz inaczej
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chop and change
After six months of chopping and changing, we've decided to go back to our old system
ścinać coś (np. drzewo)
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chop sth down
to cut a tree, etc. at the bottom so that it falls down ▶ ścinać coś
odcinać coś od czegoś
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chop sth of sth
to remove sth from sth by cutting it with a knife or a sharp tool to chop a branch off a tree ▶ odcinać/odrąbywać coś (od czegoś)
kotlet, rąbanie
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3 an act of hitting sb/sth with the side of your hand in a quick downward movement a karate chop cios karate
a thick slice of meat with a piece of bone in it ▶ kotlet (z kością) 2 an act of cutting sth with a quick downward movement using an axe or a knife ▶ rąbanie
tasak, siekierka
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a large heavy knife or small axe
deska do krojenia
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cutting board, chopping board
ˈchopping board noun [countable] a piece of wood or plastic used for cutting meat or vegetables on
pałeczki do jedzenia
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chopstick /ˈtʃɒpstɪk; US / noun [countable, usually pl.] either of a pair of thin sticks that are used for eating, especially in some Asian countries ▶ pałeczka (do jedzenia)
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choral /ˈkɔ: rəl; US / adj. (used about music) that is written for or involving a choir
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chant, chorale
chorale /kɒˈrɑ: l; US kəˈræl; -ˈrɑ: l / noun [countable] a piece of church music sung by a group of singers
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chord /kɔ: d; US / noun [countable] two or more musical notes that are played at the same time
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chore /tʃɔ:(r); US / noun [countable] a job that is not interesting but that you must do household chores prace domowe ▶ robota
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to design and arrange the movements of a dance ▶ układać choreografię □ choreographer /ˌkɒriˈɒɡrəfə(r); US / noun [countable] ▶ choreograf
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the arrangement of movements for a dance performance
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a chorus
3[countable, with sing. or pl. verb] a large group of people who sing together ▶ chór
the part of a song that is repeated The audience joined in with the choruses. ▶ refren  SYNONYM  refrain ⇨ look at verse 2[countable] a piece of music, usually part of a larger work, that is written for a large choir ▶ utwór chóralny
mówić chórem
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(used about a group of people) to sing or say sth together ‘ That’s not fair!’ the children chorused.

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