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the man who Christians believe is the son of God and on whose ideas and beliefs the Christian religion is based
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2 to give sb/sth a name People drive so dangerously on this stretch of road that they’ve christened it ‘ The Mad Mile’. ▶ nadawać imię chrzcić
to give a person, usually a baby, a name during a Christian ceremony in which they are made a member of the Church The baby was christened Simon Mark. ▶ chrzcić ⇨ look at baptize
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the church ceremony in the Christian religion in which a baby is given a name
chrześcijan, chrześcijański
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Christian, Christian
a person whose religion is Christianity Christians all over the world will join in prayers for peace today. ▶ chrześcijan-in/ka □ Christian adj. the Christian Church/ faith/religion ▶ chrześcijański
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the religion that is based on the ideas taught by Jesus Christ
Dzień Bożego Narodzenia
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Christmas Day
2[countable, uncountable] the period of time before and after 25 December We wish you a merry Christmas. Where are you spending Christmas this year? the Christmas holidays ▶ Święta Bożego Narodzenia gwiazdka
public holiday on 25 December. It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Christ each year. ▶ dzień Bożego Narodzenia pierwszy dzień Świąt
kartka świąteczna
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Christmas card
a card with a picture on the front and a message inside that people send to their friends and relatives at Christmas
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christmas carol
a Christian religious song that people sing at Christmas carol singers kolędnicy
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Christmas Eve
długa skarpeta na prezenty bożonarodzeniowa
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Christmas ˈstocking
a long sock which children leave out when they go to bed on Christmas Eve so that it can be filled with presents
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Christmas tree
a real or an artificial tree, which people bring into their homes and cover with coloured lights and decorations at Christmas
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of the chromatic scale, a series of musical notes that rise and fall in semitones
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a hard shiny metal that is used for covering other metals
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a part of a cell in living things that decides the sex, character, shape, etc. that a person, an animal or a plant will have
przewlekły, przedłużający się
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(used about a disease or a problem) that continues for a long time chronic bronchitis There is a chronic shortage of housing in the city. ▶ przewlekły stały ⇨ look at acute □ chronically /-kli; US / adv. ▶ przewlekle
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a written record of historical events describing them in the order in which they happened
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chronological /ˌkrɒnəˈlɒdʒɪkl; US / adj. arranged in the order in which the events happened This book describes the main events in his life in chronological order. ▶ chronologiczny □ chronologically /-kli; US / adv. ▶ chronologicznie
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chronology /krəˈnɒlədʒi noun [uncountable, countable] (pl. chronologies) the order in which a series of events happened; a list of these events in order Historians seem to have confused the chronology of these events a chronology of Mozart’s life
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the form of a butterfly or a moth while it is changing into an adult inside a hard case, which is also called a chrysalis
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a large garden flower which is brightly coloured and shaped like a ball
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chubby /ˈtʃʌbi; US / adj. (chubbier; chubbiest) slightly fat in a pleasant way a baby with chubby cheeks ▶ pucołowaty pyzaty pulchny ⇨ note at fat

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