FCE - describing people: appearance

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positive word for thin
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too thin
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a little fat (positive)
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opposite of fat
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neither short, nor tall
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opposite of short
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without hair
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losing hair at the front
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receding hair
fair skin with red spots
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very short, spiky hair
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growth of hair on the upper lip, under your nose
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the hair growing on the lower parts of a man's face
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good-looking/ handsome (man)/ pretty (woman)
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very very fat
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a little fat, rounded (affectionate)
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broad and solid
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stout (adj)/ stocky build (n)
red hair
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readhead (n)/ read-haired (n)/ ginger (n)
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blonde(adj/ n)/ fair-haired(adj)
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dark-haired (adj)/ brunette (n)
change in the colour of your hair due to old age
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grey/ white hair
hair with curls
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hair which is not curly or wavy
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hair with waves
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Describing people vocabulary

This lesson will teach you useful adjectives that will help you in describing people's appearance. Why is it important to learn this physical description vocabulary? Because these adjectives will help you tell more about a person, they will make your speech more interesting and precise and add meaning to your sentences. Without this physical appearance vocabulary, you will not be able to describe how a person looks like. If you want others to get a better idea of the people you are describing, learn these adjectives and start describing people's appearance by yourself! The physical description vocabulary you will use when describing people's appearance will be really fun to learn! The flashcards that contain pictures, pronunciation and explanation will make describing people's appearance easy!

Examples of adjectives used when describing people's appearance

The lesson includes useful adjectives that describe a person's hair , face, weight and height. Here are some of the words of this lesson that you will use when describing people's appearance:
  • 1. athletic = well-built
  • 2. slim = positive word for thin
  • 3. crew-cut = very short, spiky hair
  • 4. attractive = good-looking
  • 5. rubio = blonde
Proceed to the lesson to learn useful words for describing people's appearance!

Learn more adjectives

These adjectives will help you a lot when describing people's appearance but there are many more great flashcard lessons on our site! Learn adjectives to describe the personality of a person with the FCE - people's description: personality lesson! Continue enriching your English vocabulary with the lessons our linguists created! For that, take a look at the Most common adjectives 1 - 53 lesson!

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