Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar and Punctuation series

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Adverb definition and examples

What is an adverb? According to the adverb definition, an adverb is a word that changes and modifies adjectives, verbs, adverbs or clauses. Adverbs describe where, how, when and in what context something happened. They are usually words that end in ly. It is important to learn adverbs to be able to provide details on an action or event. Learning adverbs will help you express how, where, to what extent and when did something happen, making your speech more concrete and adding information to it.

Adverb vs adjective

Adjectives and adverbs are different parts of speech in English. The main differences between adjective and adverb are their usage and types. While adjectives describe or identify a pronoun or noun, adverbs modify verbs, other adverbs or adjectives. The adjectives come before the noun or pronoun most of the times. Another difference between adjective and adverb is that they answer different questions. An adverb answers more questions: how, where, when, how much, in what context, etc., while an adjective answers to which, what kind. Another difference is that the types of adjectives and adverbs are different.

Learn how to form adverbs

This flashcard lesson will teach you how to form adverbs from adjectives. It will give you many examples of adjectives and adverbs for you to learn them and understand the difference between them. Here are some examples of flashcards from this lesson:
  • 1. quick - quickly
  • 2. serious - seriously
  • 3. heavy - heavily
  • 4. terrible - terribly
  • 5. bad - badly
You can download our app and use it as an adverbs app to learn on the go! The adverbs app will make learning simple and more convenient! You can also use this adverbs app to learn flashcards from other lessons and continue enriching your knowledge of English. Take a look at the Most common adjectives 1 - 53 and Most common adjectives 54 - 108 lessons to learn more adjectives and then form adverbs out of them! Also, proceed to the Most common adverbs lesson to learn even more adverbs!

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