Top 1000 Finnish words
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Top 1000 Finnish words
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Top 1000 Finnish Words 1 - 50Top 1000 Finnish Words 1 - 50  
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Top 1000 Finnish Words 51 - 100Top 1000 Finnish Words 51 - 100  
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Top 1000 Finnish Words 101 - 150Top 1000 Finnish Words 101 - 150  
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Top 1000 Finnish Words 151 - 200Top 1000 Finnish Words 151 - 200  
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Top 1000 Finnish words 201 - 250Top 1000 Finnish words 201 - 250  
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Top 1000 Finnish words 251 - 300Top 1000 Finnish words 251 - 300  
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Top 1000 Finnish words 301 - 350Top 1000 Finnish words 301 - 350  
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Top 1000 Finnish words 351 - 400Top 1000 Finnish words 351 - 400  
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Improve your Finnish vocabulary with VocApp’s flashcards!

Get ready to improve your Finnish vocabulary with the 1000 most used words of the Finnish language! With VocApp’s "Finnish: Top 1000" -course, you will continue your Finnish language studies, and learn and memorize more and more useful words to use in everyday life. Each word will have an example sentence for it, so you will know how to use the word, and you will understand the meaning of it better. Fed up with Finnish language learning apps that are exhausting or do not give you the results you hoped for? Haven’t found a Finnish language lesson that you would have enjoyed? Don’t worry - VocApp provides you with the best way to learn Finnish. Our learning methods are proved to be effective and to provide positive results. The studying methods are based on multi-sensory learning – for example, pictures for visual learning, and recordings of the word for learning by listening – which is more effective than most of the traditional language courses. VocApp’s Top 1000 words will prepare you for communicating with Finnish people in their native language! You will not only broaden your vocabulary but also gain more and more confidence the more you learn. With this list of words, you will not be at a loss for words again! Learn Finnish regularly to get the best possible results – with VocApp, you can set notifications at your chosen time to remind you about studying. Only 5 minutes per day will help you learn a language! Study wherever you are on your mobile device or computer – at home, while commuting to work or school… Learning Finnish has never been so easy and entertaining.

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Check and memorize this list of Finnish words, and you will improve your Finnish language skills by adding a huge variety of new words. After studying these words, you will be forming more and more Finnish sentences and phrases in no time! Studying Finnish is entertaining and easy with VocApp’s flashcards.

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